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'Energy' manufacture a range of diaphragm pumps and ram pumps, a heavier duty vertical-piston product, all of which are designed specifically for pumping sludge and slurry in difficult places, for example quarries, pits and wastewater tanks.

We are a British manufacturer, family-owned company of 10 dedicated members located in rural Southwell and serviced by a local supply-chain near to us, around Nottinghamshire. The company was formed in 1979 with the smallest of our pump products, the Energy Maxi, which is still in production, in both original and revised forms and some of our very early products are still in operation today. The company has grown from there and so have our pumps into the wide range of sizes that we now have.

We machine parts, assemble and distribute our products from our own factory and can provide our pumps as bespoke products by providing a design service to ensure that your need is provided for. We have experience of designing our pumps into mainly wastewater sludge and storm water systems but this is across many different industries; the wastewater industry being our bread and butter, also farm waste (AD), marine, inland waterways, process, mining and pick out but a few.

The strengths of our pumps are well known by our customers and have been built upon over the years. They are simplicity, efficiency, reliability and solid-build. Our diaphragm pumps can be disassembled and rebuilt within an hour, which is often done by the apprentice in the case of the water industry. The design of our pumps is known to be one of high efficiency for pumping processes and our connected energy consumption tends to be relatively low. Their maintenance needs are minimal and they are manufactured generously using aluminium sand-casting methods for the body.

Every part of our pumps is available as a spare part with 24 hour delivery. Mobility of the pumps is provided appropriately to your needs, they can be mounted on castors, trolley, trailer or feet with configurations of fittings to suit your needs. Energy to drive the pump, also according to your needs, is normally by electric motor which can be anything from 24v to 415v but could also be by petrol or diesel engine appropriately sized.

We at Energy are ready to talk to you about your pumping needs and will advise appropriately and honestly on which of our diaphragm pumps would be suitable or if you would benefit more from an alternative pump type. We are interested in your pumping needs and the success of each of our pumps in doing its job is important to us.

Tel: 01636 816600

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