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easyStorage is looking to partner with landowners for great returns.

Storage is exciting! With typically 8% growth annually and a recurring income stream, low operational costs and great margins -what`s not to like?

easyStorage is part of the easy family of brands and just like easyJet, we deliver a well-priced quality service to our customers. Through the use of technology and improved efficiency, easyStorage is able to offer a range of storage solutions that are considerably cheaper than traditional storage companies, whilst preserving margins and delivering the highest levels of customer service and convenience.

Customers trust in the easy brand has been evident since our launch in 2017 with the rapid growth of our mobile storage business. By the end of 2021 easyStorage will have national coverage across the UK with plans to further expand into Europe. We are now looking to become the market leader in containerised storage across the UK.

So why should you talk to easyStorage?

easyStorage is looking to partner with landowners to leverage our trusted brand and utilise low yield land to generate significant returns. We have developed fully automated technology and have the infrastructure to implement a number of different storage solutions that provide a low operating cost model with a high return.

By working with easyStorage you instantly gain an iconic brand that has a clear value proposition along with cutting edge technology and a great team of experts. Our customer service centre in London manages all customer enquiries and our automated systems manage our customers` accounts.

The need?

The UK market is growing rapidly but is currently a tenth the size of the US market. Growth is inhibited by high prices and poor accessibility with average prices of £180 per month across the UK for a typical storage unit and £360 in London.

The solution:

easyStorage has developed a well-priced option by significantly improving efficiency and utilising the latest technology which means in many cases we can offer storage for 50% less than our self-storage competitors. Following the easy philosophy of making our services accessible to the masses and not the few.
Brand awareness for our customers is already high - the model of making things as easy as possible combined with the ability to offer customers a well-priced storage solution makes for a winning business model.

If you have land or buildings that you are considering repurposing, then talk to us about how we may work together. We have options from fully hands on businesses to simple revenue share models and loads of possibilities in between.
If you like the idea of building a storage business with an iconic brand, great people, bespoke technology, outstanding support, recurring revenue and impressive returns visit our team on the easyStorage stand

Tel: 0800 061 4091

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