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A New Approach to Gates - Dofygate design and manufacture a remote controlled, solar/battery powered gate. Controls vehicle access within or into a property improving safety, security or bio-security. Carbon fibre bars allow fast open and closing movement. Operated from a vehicle using a fob, phone, keypad, intercom or timer with automatic closing. A built in clutch protects the gate arm from accidental impact. 2, 4 or 7 bar formats with widths up to 6m.
A simple, cost effective way to control vehicle movements or improve safety for pedestrians around a site. The remote controlled solar powered gate is entirely self-contained with no wires to or between the gate posts. Normally working in pairs covering up to 6m.
Fast opening using fob, phone, keypad or intercom with automatic closing option.
For permanent locations we can fit or the gate can be easily self-installed. Where the gate is temporary or is likely to be moved then we can supply stands with or without wheels that provide access control options not found anywhere else. Widths - 2.3 metres to 6.0 metres
Formats - 2 Bar, 4 Bar and 7 Bar
Widths 2.5m to 6.0m with built in solar panel charging standard alarm type AGM battery.
Options - Fob, Phone, Keypad, Timer, Automatic opening, Intercom and Button

Tel: +447785352730

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