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We are an Award Winning insulation supplier for heritage buildings.

We specialise in professional dampness surveys and the permanent remedy of different dampness related problems.

Our activity covers 3 main areas of expertise:

- Professional dampness surveys: using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment we assess all types of damp. Very old buildings, especially the ones older than 150 years present their own specific challenges that are very different from newer buildings. We specialize in solving difficult or complex dampness cases, our surveyors are amongst the best in the business.

- Building dehydration: using a patented magnetic DPC system we permanently resolve the problem of rising damp non-invasively. As a result the building dries out permanently, the crumbling of the wall fabric slows down or stops altogether, the building becomes warmer and often the musty smell vanishes too. For peace of mind, we also monitor the dehydration of every building for 1-2 years or until it becomes dry.

- Renovations: dampness problems and associated ground salts often create a lot of decorative or structural damage; in most cases some restoration work is necessary. We advocate and supply specialist traditional building materials, such as roman waterproofing mortars or Venetian lime plasters, which not only allow the building to breathe, but which are suitable for the long-term restoration and thermal insulation of very old, salty buildings.

We are the winners of the Home Building and Renovating Awards 2020, in the "Best Insulation Supplier" category. We have worked on and turned nice and dry many listed buildings, including 800-900 year old Grade I listed properties, castles, country houses, churches, cottages, you name it. Happy to talk to old building owners on the show, or feel free to visit us online at

Tel: 07507468303

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