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Profit from waste cardboard with our cardboard shredders and composting machines. At cardboard-converters we supply high quality machinery that can put your business at the heart of the circular economy and within your community. Our machinery will let you re-purpose waste cardboard into packaging or animal bedding - and put to good use.

Our vision is to see your board re-purposed and repeatedly re-used before eventually being recycled or composted. Doing this could save you money, make you money - or both.

Crucially your business will also be taking action on climate change - and showing that you are to your customers, your employees and your community!

We are passionate about the positive eco impact and cost benefits businesses can have by recycling their waste cardboard on site - rather than just exporting it! We have provided expert advice across the world, enabling businesses to benefit from recycling in house.
Its not rocket science.

Cardboard is a massive and available resource in the economy. Sometimes boxes can simply be reused. But more often, they are not the right size, or are branded or marked.
Cardboard shredders take this resource and re-purpose it. Cardboard can be shredded into mats, strips and even chips. These can be used to package just about anything, as well as making for excellent animal bedding.

Material shredded for packaging can even be shredded again into bedding. At each stage this adds value to the cycle. Ultimately the used board can be pulped or composted in a final recycling process.

So, cardboard shredding can make an enormous impact - to businesses, to communities - to everyone. Even if a business has to give its cardboard away it can still save money in recycling costs. So there is a place for entrepreneurs to take advantage of someone else's freely provided cardboard to make packaging, or animal bedding for example.

Shredded cardboard makes great animal bedding material. For the equine, agricultural or pet supply supply sectors, strip or chipped cardboard beats grass products by being pollen free, readily available and easier to break down for manure/compost.

So what are you waiting for? On site cardboard recycling is a great opportunity - to be environmentally friendly and to increase profits. So take that step....

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