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At EY Breakthrough Incentives Ltd, we are champions of innovation across many industries, including agriculture. If you`re driven by creative thinking, we could help you take your big idea to the next level. Feeding the global population is widely recognised as one of the greatest challenges the world faces - now and in the future. This is why innovation in farming and agritech is gaining more importance with every passing day. We`re a social impact business that puts `profit for purpose` at the centre of our approach. With our radio show, magazine and industry networks, we offer fantastic exposure for the innovators who are changing the way we produce, consume and think about food. To finance our social purpose, we help businesses to claim R&D tax credits - a better definition is `cash for innovation`. By assisting companies in claiming back the cash payments or tax relief to which they`re entitled, we help to turn small, ambitious businesses into great big ones! So, if you`re putting innovation at the forefront of your business, come and have a chat with us. We could help you to access the funding, publicity or new business that will drive your future growth and success.

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