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A UK based, progressive tech and growth company specialising in the building and commercialisation of successful technology.

Automation Squared is the digital innovation laboratory that specialises in
taking promising concepts from pitch to profit at rapid pace.

Automation Squared is a web and mobile application development company
that specialises in delivering practical value from emerging technology
including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed
Reality, IoT and Blockchain.

Automation Squared's rock-star developers and consultants are both trained and incentivised to focus their development efforts on that which is essential for the successful commercialisation of your product. As such, we have changed the concept of Minimal Viable Product to Minimum Profitable Product..

Automation Squared's commercial guidance helps clients reach early stage revenues without the need for investment. Once we have taken your product to profit, we can invest in your business to help it scale.

Tel: 020 3026 8807

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