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World leader of truffle trees production, AGRI-TRUFFE is a French company, born in 1972, near Bordeaux,
We do not sell only truffle trees, we help people from analysing their soil to advise and help them after plantation with consultancy. That is why our catchword is: `Your success is ours`.
Our job is to create a symbiosis between trees'roots and fungus, here truffles. This symbiosis is called mycorrhiza.
In our greenhouses, we do all steps to get a tree with truffle mycorrhiza. Germination of acorns, inoculation of seedlings with our own substrate and then follow the development trees until controls by INRA. INRA is the French National Institue of Agronomic Research, with whom since 1972, we have a license. Controlers from INRA come and control our trees to give the certification that our plants are mycorrhized by truffle.

Tel: 0033 5 56 62 09 62

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