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AGRI-TRUFFE is a French company, founded in 1972, near Bordeaux. In addition to supplying truffle infected seedlings, we arrange soil analysis and provide a full consultancy service post-planting. In other words, `Your success is ours`. We carefully monitor and assist with the symbiotic relationship between various tree types and the truffle fungus. This mutualistic relationship is referred to as mycorrhizal. Fungi in the soil colonize the root system of plants and assist in the acquisition of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus and the trees provide sugar through photosynthesis and water to the truffle. The process we follow in our greenhouses is very precise and as such ensures successful mycorrhization of the seedlings. We germinate various seed types(only ectomycorrhizal varieties) and the subsequent inoculation (with our own specially formulated substrate) is strictly controlled under licence by INRA(Agricultural Research Institute). Every seedling is certificated by INRA to demonstrate that our plants are mycorrhized (infected)by truffle at point of sale. In Northern Europe, and specifically in United Kingdom and Ireland, there are many calcareous soils which are suitable for growing truffles. The rainfall and noticeable change in climate over the past ten years have convinced us that the potential in the UK is considerable and mainly untapped. This, aligned with your skills as gardeners and tree enthusiasts excites us hugely!

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