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10 Oct 2023

Carbon Auditing

CXCS Ltd Stand information: HP783

More and more pressure is being applied to farmers to take control of their carbon emissions and meet net zero targets. With carbon auditing expected to form a major part of agriculture policy, it is going to become increasingly important for farmers to demonstrate how action is being taken to reduce emissions and increase carbon sequestration.

To meet the NFU’s ambitious goal of reaching net zero across the whole of agriculture in England and Wales by 2040, farmers need to be aware of their contribution to the industry’s carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint of a farm is calculated by carrying out a carbon audit. This can also be used to identify which aspects of a farm are emitting the highest levels of emissions, and to highlight areas where operational efficiency can be improved.

Farms with low carbon footprints are often the most efficient and profitable. A carbon audit can also make a supplier more appealing to buyers focused on sustainability and is soon to become a requirement of higher-level farm assurance schemes such as LEAF.

We provide two package options to suit all agricultural businesses and budgets:

Carbon Calculation Only

A straightforward calculation of your carbon footprint including data to illustrate your current carbon emissions.

Full Carbon Audit

  • A full audit of your enterprises including:
  • Current carbon emissions calculation
  • Benchmark data relevant to your business
  • Recommendations on how to improve your carbon footprint
  • Advice on how to sequester more carbon
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