William Cracroft-Eley


Miscanthus - Maximising Return and Reducing Risk

About William Cracroft-Eley

William Cracroft-Eley is the chairman of Terravesta, the miscanthus specialist company that manages all aspects of Miscanthus supply, from crop production, through to processing and sale to end users.
Since planting Miscanthus at home in 2006 and realising its excellent potential as a highly profitable and high yielding perennial crop, on marginal land, William has made it his mission to bring order and transparency to Miscanthus supply.
William established Terravesta in 2012, to deliver a secure and reliable national contract-based supply chain and develop the market for Miscanthus as the UK’s number one energy crop.

More Miscanthus growers are needed to meet the increasing demand for clean alternatives to fossil fuels.
Terravesta provides growers with secure long term whole bale purchase contracts, advice, support and expertise throughout the growing process in order to help growers reap the best profits.
This seminar will allow those interested in the crop to ask questions and seriously explore the opportunity Miscanthus presents.

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