Stephen Jones

The British Quinoa Company Limited

The story of British quinoa production

About Stephen Jones

Stephen initially developed the idea of The British Quinoa Company. The business is run by Stephen and his father Edward, as farming has been in their family for several generations. Together they have worked to establish Quinoa as a new British grown crop.

Stephen studied agriculture at BSc and MSc level at Harper Adams University, and has recently completed a PhD in crop pathology from The University of Nottingham. He is passionate about developing new British grown crops and believes that locally produced food is one of the best ways to reduce our individual impact on the environment.

The story of British quinoa production - an outline of how Stephen Jones began growing quinoa in the UK, how the idea came about, the crop trials and tribulations to the success of where they are now and what the future holds.

Stephen will expand on all these areas giving a full picture of the history of growing quinoa in the UK. Explaining how it all came about, how much it has grown, how The British Quinoa Company has in 2017 trialled new varieties in the UK. He will also give examples of the diversity of products produced from grain to flour, flakes and puffs, plus the retail market and potential future use.

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