Roger Winter

Landmark Systems Ltd

Is Your Business Prepared for BREXIT? How Can Appropriate Software Help?

About Roger Winter

Roger was brought up on a dairy farm in Gloucestershire and worked on the family farm before running his own intensive sheep and arable farm. With academic & teaching qualifications beyond the realms normally associated with farming activities not relied upon professionally, and after dispensing with his Wellington boots in 1999, Roger obtained a qualification as an accountant and for a time lectured in accounts and business management at Bristol College.

The combination of his farming experience and knowledge of business accounts made his appointment at Landmark Systems Ltd a logical choice where he specialised in software consultancy and training for the farm and rural estate sectors.

Now adopting the title as Senior Regional Sales Manager with Landmark this challenging role still involves a great deal of on-site consultancy, delivering management solutions to a wide range of rural businesses each with their own unique software requirements. Roger has a keen interest and in-depth experience in working alongside Britain’s rural businesses and in delivering a solution that visibly helps the management of these diverse and often innovative enterprises.

Are you struggling to keep up with an increasingly digital world, the paperless office, and bemused by all the talk of ‘The Cloud’? Like it or not these things are increasingly having an impact on your business; HMRC Making Tax Digital, software integration, invoices appearing by email, online banking; I could go on.
You know how difficult it can be to keep track of costs, manage those vital orders, access information quickly, and produce sensible and meaningful reports as an aide to good business management.
Come and see how you can embrace the world of Information Technology and how you can use it to save time and increase efficiency in your business life. We, along with others, can help and assist you on your journey as you seek to improve your data recording, and the utilization of that data, as market pressures increase and profit margins are being squeezed.

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