Paul Grabham

randd UK Ltd

Fund Your Innovation with R&D Tax Rewards from HMRC

About Paul Grabham

Paul Grabham is a graduate engineer who has spend the last 25 years managing complex projects in the engineering and technology sectors globally. He is a R&D Tax expert at randd UK ltd. who helps UK companies identify R&D costs and claim large cash rewards from HMRC to fund their innovation projects. He is known as a plain speaker who can debunk the myths around the HMRC R&D Tax Credit Scheme.

HMRC provides UK Ltd companies significant cash rewards for innovation and R&D projects you have completed. Its based on costs you have already incurred. Over 80% of UK SME businesses are missing out thinking it’s too good to be true. It is not a complex or lengthy claim process. We will explain what is involved, detail which costs can be included and whether your business qualifies for these cash rewards. We will show you how you can claim cash now from HMRC to fund your next innovation project.

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