Nigel Padbury

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About Nigel Padbury

A graduate in Agricultural Botany at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Nigel Padbury has extensive experience in oilseed and novel crops. Initially, a plant breeder working primarily with oilseed rape and then Oilseeds and Pulses product manager for Twyford Seeds, Nigel moved to Syngenta where he headed up the ‘NK’ oilseeds and maize brand before becoming Product Manager for North West Europe. Now Seeds and Marketing Manager for Premium Crops, his current role involves the sourcing, testing, seed production and marketing of wide range of speciality arable crops including millet, canary seed, linseed and high erucic acid oilseed rape.
Nigel is also a current member, and one time chairman, of the British Society of Plant Breeders Oilseeds Crop Group and has represented Syngenta on the Sponsors Board of the National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC).

Successful marketing relies on understanding customer needs. A small adjustment to the arable crop species and varieties grown in UK rotations can add significant value to the end product. Value that is reflected in the Premiums that are available to growers. In this seminar, Nigel Padbury explores the range of speciality arable crops and varieties on offer to British growers and demonstrates how that value can be captured with minimal alteration to current farming practice.

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