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food labelling and health claims – make the most of your nutritional merits

About Liz Tucker

Liz Tucker (RNutr)
MSc, BSc Hons, BA Hons, AdDip Nutritional Medicine
Senior associate of the Royal Society of Medicine
Member of Association of Nutrition
Member of Nutritionists in Industry and SENSE
Liz works closely within the food and health industry, working to improve or develop healthier products for the consumer or customize for specific markets such as free from and sports nutrition. She also has extensive experience in food and nutritional regulations and provides a nutritional analysis service for both food producers and the catering industry.
Liz has a strong media profile, writing for a wide range of magazines and newspapers, appears regularly on television and radio and is a published author.
Liz is a regular speaker at shows and conferences and has long standing experience in nutrition and health PR and marketing.
She also has an academic career, her most recent paper is on Obesity and Coeliac Disease.

Now everyone in the food industry needs to comply with and be accountable for food labelling and nutrition and health claims regulations. Initially it may seem like another burden of enforcement especially on small businesses but these regulations are designed to expose the truth about whats really in our food and where it comes from so if your product has healthy, natural or local credentials they can help you show case your nutritional attributes and enable you to target market these most apply to. The consumer trend is for smaller food producers with accountable ingredients so nutritional evaluation really can provide consumer honesty and a chance to show off the merits of your own brand.

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