Keith Spilsbury


Wool – The Natural Choice For Insulated Packaging

About Keith Spilsbury

Keith Spilsbury is Strategy Director of The Wool Packaging Company Ltd and a major shareholder. He has over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing, having held senior UK and European management positions with international companies such as David S. Smith PLC, Cookson PLC and Perstorp AB. Keith''s management expertise includes guiding new businesses to growth and profitability, joint ventures, business turnarounds and acquisition positioning.

Today, his hands-on management and strategic planning skills have enabled success in the genuine commercialisation of a Natural Material – Wool, and has established The Wool Packaging Company and its product Woolcool® as an international brand leader within the insulated packaging sector for mail order food and temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals.

This presentation addresses compelling environmental and commercial arguments against the widespread use of polymer based insulated packaging materials for the distribution of temperature sensitive foodstuffs. It considers an innovative and viable alternative manufactured from a genuinely sustainable, compostable and recyclable material – wool, a superior natural insulator.

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