Kate Morel

Founder and Director - Morel & Co

How Glamping Secures Income Generation whilst Conserving Heritage and Landscape

About Kate Morel

Through her consultancy work, Kate Morel creates business concepts for glamping diversifications and advises on suitable accommodation structures, rental incomes and potential return on investment, for UK and international projects.

A recent development on Kate’s existing work is the start of a new venture, ‘Morel & Co’, where she has brought together a hand-picked team of consultants and designer-builders. Together, this collaboration of diverse experience offers clients access to expertise in every stage of the process, all through one company.

Kate also provides tailored presentations and workshops for tourism conferences and industry events, and not shy of sharing innovative concepts or tackling tricky subjects, she is proving to be something of a trailblazer on the seminar circuit.
As a columnist for both Open Air Business and International Glamping Business magazines Kate shares industry updates and insights, and recently published a Glamping Business Guide with The Friends of Loch Lomond & the Trossachs. A respected ‘go-to’ specialist in the glamping industry, Kate has become a leading UK, and fast becoming worldwide, expert in this niche sector.

As owners and custodians of heritage properties and estates, low impact, high yield diversifications that secure revenue from low agricultural value land, are always worthy of investigation. In this seminar, Kate weaves her passion for preserving heritage with industry knowledge to offer some profitable glamping diversification ideas and return on investment examples.

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