Henry Dieudonné-Demaria


Natural capital and the future of environmental land management

About Henry Dieudonné-Demaria

Henry is currently Secretary to the Natural Capital Committee, supporting the independent experts advising the Government on its 25 year environment strategy. He is also a Policy Fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy, where his fellowship interests are in public policy responses to climate, environment and development.

Henry has a twelve year background in policy and strategy, in departments including the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, HM Treasury and Defra. A focus of his career has been in environment and development policy, alongside roles in public investment, corporate strategy and governance reform. He holds degrees in international development from Cambridge and in anthropology and philosophy from St Andrews.

Government priorities for the future of environmental land management. How do Brexit and the publication of the 25 Year Environment Plan change things? What are the risks and the opportunities? What is the big win?

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