Emma Collison

Moor View Alpacas

Diversifying in farming, finding your USP and how to get your product out there.

About Emma Collison

Emma is a new entrant into farming and has been running her small farm for 6 years, starting with Alpacas and moving into rare breed sheep with the Valais blacknoses’ Emma has been at the forefront of new ideas and has spent sometime in the public eye.
With a background in theatre and Promotions Emma has worked very hard to get to where she is today building her farm from scratch and doing it without any EU funding or payments.
At the age of 31 Emma is well known in the farming community and has even sat on the women in farming debate at DEFRA with Liz Truss.
Emma was a finalist for Rural enterpuner of the year 2016 and has won several awards with her sheep and her Alpaca meat.

I will be discussing how to find your USP launch and get it to market, how to make the most of PR and marketing opportunities and how diversifying in farming doesn’t mean you have to be large scale or pump in 100’s of thousands of pounds to be successful. I will talk about drive and determination and how I gained planning permission with a eviction notice on our site when we moved in.
I will talk about finding USP and how I went about being the first person to do Valais Blacknose sheep and Alpaca meat. The pro’s and con’s and how to do this without EU funding.

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