Ean Parsons

Parsons Containers Group

Using shipping containers in a diverse farm business

About Ean Parsons

Ean Parsons has worked with shipping containers for over 30 years and established Parsons Containers Ltd. in 2000 quickly followed by one of the first container self-storage businesses U Hold The Key in 2001.

From the out-set Parsons have been an innovative business creating bespoke container projects for many applications.

The company has added brands ContainerContainer and Containers-Now and are now The Parsons Containers Group with values of service, integrity and innovation. Ean continues to drive the business with innovation at the core.

Shipping containers are a very versatile resource which can be put to use for a diverse range of applications including self-storage. Parsons Containers have many years of experience converting shipping containers for many applications. The seminar will cover many of the projects that Parsons have delivered and include valuable information about setting up and running a self-storage business.

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