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Jess Hall and Louise Newton: Speaking at the Farm Business Innovation Show

Jess Hall and Louise Newton


Maximising Development Opportunity: How to Benefit From Permitted Development Rights

There are a range of Permitted Development Rights which exist that may benefit your farm or estate. Updates to legislation last year introduced further opportunity, with the variety and extent of permitted development rights available being greater than ever. However, Local Authorities are increasingly resistant so it is essential to meet the stringent requirements set out in the legislation.

In this session give an overview of the various permitted development rights available, how to best utilise them and how to avoid the common pitfalls. We will run through case studies where permitted development has added value or created further opportunity, as well as touching on some recent appeal decisions.

This seminar will focus on Class Q (agriculture to residential), Class R (agriculture to commercial) and agricultural (Class A) permitted development rights.

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