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The best way to get planning permission for your property

When it comes to constructing new facilities on your property, even the most detailed plan and innovative idea can be scuppered by the sometimes terrifying procedure of getting planning permission.

Unfortunately, no two cases are the same, so discovering what you need to do to get permission can be difficult. Luckily there is an event happens once a year that brings together those who boast the experience, knowledge and credentials to help you get the planning permission you need – the Farm Business Innovation show.

The two-day event will feature a variety of seminar talks demystifying the confusing and intimidating world of planning permission. Some of the must-attend seminars include Ray Davis from Pinneys Group discussing promotion and option agreements when seeking planning permission, Stephen Locke from Stephen Locke Associates outlining your permitted development rights, Marie Stacey from Pegasus Group talking about understanding the planning system, and Dan Collins from Country Cabins sharing the lessons to be learnt from a failed planning permission application.

The only way to see these and the other 200 expert-led seminars on how to improve your business is by registering for your free Farm Business Innovation show ticket here.

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