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Staying ahead in a challenging dairy industry

Modern dairy farmers have it rough. Pressure from processors and retailers have forced many to sell their produce below the cost of production. Adding to this, non-dairy alternatives are increasing in popularity with those doing so for religious or dietary needs, as well as for seeking a lifestyle less dependent on the farming of livestock.

Doug Jackson, Director of Food & Farming at Savills is one person who tries to advise those in the dairy, arable, fruit and red meat sectors on how 2017 and post-Brexit Britain may affect them. Seminars like the talk he is giving at this year’s Farm Business Innovation Expo (14:45 Thursday, Theatre 5), have driven many to realise the future of their business is dependant on collaboration, diversification and differentiation within the market.

Joe Towers from Lune Valley Dairy is one farmer who saw a lucrative opportunity to create a milk specially designed for coffee drinkers. After investing heavily, he was able to produce his creamy, 4.5 percent fat milk which compliments coffee perfectly. His endeavour paid-off. Today, he sells 20,000 litres of his Barista milk each week. Because of his experience, Joe is sharing his story with others at the Farm Business Innovation Expo (14:00 Thursday, Theatre 9) to try and inspire similar invention.

Others, too, are looking at new ways to meet the needs of their consumers. Danish scientists are developing a new, more digestive grass that lessens the carbon footprint left by a herd to encourage more environmentally minded consumers to pay more for guilt-free milk. While some farmers have installed milk vending machines on site to provide unpasteurized milk at a-pound-per-litre for those who like their milk from the source.

The Farm Business and Innovation Expo brings together people from across the industry to participate in expert-led, CPD-accredited seminars, live debates, one-to-one advice with industry moguls, and unrivalled networking opportunities. To be part of this year’s event, register for your free ticket here.

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