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What has Instagram got to do with farming?

There’s something the farming sector is brilliant at: diversifying. It has diversified throughout its history. There is a lot more to farming nowadays; farmers could be doing anything from breeding dogs, utilising aquaponics and precision agriculture drones, to offering a venue for weddings, a site for glamping and a place to learn about organic cooking.

All of this diversification means the farming community has a very unique story to tell. In today’s digital world, there’s no better platform on which to tell your story than social media - and from a business point of view, there’s no better way to invest in future sales than by telling your story.

So what makes Instagram a good platform for farming?

First of all, it’s visual - like farming. Instagram is all about beautiful images of things - things such as animals, landscapes and food. As a farmer, you’re likely to tick at least one of these visual boxes if not all three. This means your lifestyle is perfectly suited to being documented on Instagram. Take a look at these well-established farm Instagram accounts for ideas and inspiration:

Ben Hole 

Nicky Baker 

Janet McQuistin

Joneve Murphy

Sue Hole 

Secondly, Instagram is an excellent place to use influencer marketing. An ‘influencer’ is anyone with a large and/or engaged online following, often someone who writes a blog. There are a lot of them on Instagram all catering for different niches - such as weddings, camping holidays, organic food or even organic wool. There are hundreds of online influencers who have large audiences that are interested in these things - this makes them a very good marketing opportunity for your land based business.  

We’ll be writing about how to actually do influencer marketing next week, keep an eye on our blog!

Thirdly, of all the online communities, Instagram is one of the friendliest. When people think of farms they think of community spirit. People working hard as a team to live off their land, small food markets where locals come together to interact as much as to buy some food and a generally more mindful way of life. Instagram, believe it or not, is very much in line with these values. It’s the online equivalent of a group of friends or a family sitting down in a park on a warm day with some sandwiches.

If you want to start using Instagram but lack the technical knowledge of how to research hashtags, how to approach influencers, how to edit photos and how to write a good bio, get in touch with us at Social Comms to book a face to face consultation with our Social Media Manager. We can also help you use other online platforms effectively such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

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