Converting your ideas into bespoke creations!

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Welcome to the world of Containers and Cabins! A place where a little imagination can go a long way and produce some outstanding results.   Our talented and visionary team are able to design, manufacture and install all manner of container products.

In an ever growing industry, we are confident that we can offer a truly dedicated and tailored service to our customers.  We have a passion for developing our manufacturing process to create the most efficient and robust products possible.  As all of our units are built in our Liverpool based workshop, we are able to oversee the process from the folding of our high grade steel panels to the final quality control checks.  

Containers and cabins are extremely versatile and have countless uses that span many industries.  From a basic storage container to a unit that has been converted into a fully functional café, we are able to provide our customers with a competitively priced product that is manufactured to the highest standard.  A container is an ideal starting point for a project that requires a rigid, durable yet portable base.  The popularisation of container conversions has produced some inspired creations which is a side of the industry that we are keen to be part of.  We have the knowledge, expertise and most importantly the vision take on projects from the small and simple to the large and imaginative.

Our fully equipped workshop enables us to create solutions to problems found in the container industry.  We strive to provide our customers with the most secure solution to their storage needs.  As the manufacturer of our own products we are invested in developing them for maximum efficiency using our extensive experience in the field.  Another benefit of having an in house workshop is that we can cater for almost any requirements in terms of size/shape and colour.  Each unit is tailored to the customer’s specific needs often removing common restrictions such as difficulty with placement.  

If you are unaware of how a container product could fit into your business – read on to discover some ways in which our units are used!

  • COSHH units - for safe and secure storage of hazardous materials

  • Archive store - to keep important documents sheltered from the elements

  • Catering units – a convenient way to provide customers with snacks and drinks

  • Glamping/accommodation units – quirky yet practical and completely bespoke

  • Toilet/shower blocks – fully functional and self-contained

  • Generator housing – insulated and lined for acoustic/thermal purposes

  • Pop up retail units – a great way to utilise vacant space

  • Tool vaults – Highly secure storage for valuable equipment

  • Self-store units – available in single, dual or multiple chambered blocks


Look out for our new FLAT PACK SAFE STORES – perfect for areas with restricted access.  Our stores are secured internally to prevent vandalism and theft.  They come in sections with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly.  They are available in a number of sizes and offer you all the security of a solid steel unit in a flat pack format.  Contact our sales department to receive a no obligation quote 0330 6600 235 or


Stop by our Stand to discuss your ideas and hear about how we can provide you with a completely bespoke service.


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