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Blitzworld Buggies: The Best in the Business

If you’re looking to purchase buggies to hire out for trekking or events on your land, make sure you buy from the best. The buggies are also ideal as utility vehicles for your farmland, and great fun for all the family.


Corporate use

If you would like to diversify, innovate and grow your business, then look no further than Blitzworld Buggies.

Hiring out their buggies for racing events or track days will provide another income stream for your business, but you must buy from a reputable British company.

Proudly manufactured in Britain, Blitzworld Buggies are designed and built with attention to detail in the strength and durability of the vehicles for both on and off-road use, with safety at the forefront of everything they do. Plus, there are plenty of optional extras that can be added to customise your buggy to your exact requirements.

Blitzworld Buggies has been manufacturing buggies for over 25 years and their onsite test track ensures the highest quality of products. Blitzworld Buggies stock all parts and accessories for all buggies, which are available for shipping immediately, and open 7 days a week. If you need further assurance that Blitzworld Buggies are the expert suppliers of reliable, quality vehicles, all buggies come with a 2-year parts and labour warranty as standard, and should you need it, they also undertake repairs, modifications and tailored builds to suit your application, including custom built vehicles for disabled people.

Uphold your company’s reputation and invest confidently in Blitzworld Buggies for high quality products that are safe, compliant and insured.


Farming use

The full cage and compact engine mean these buggies will handle rough terrain and tackle steep gradients, whilst the long travel suspension will soak up the bumps and offer a comfortable ride, making them the ideal vehicle for heavy labour on your land.

More than a farm run-around, Blitzworld Buggies are for those seeking power and performance. Easy to drive, they reach speeds of up to 50mph. Once you’ve throttled it around your land, rest assured they are super easy to clean.

Not only do Blitzworld Buggies make the whole farm accessible to all, regardless of age or mobility, and make farm labour simpler and more enjoyable, but they also provide plenty of personal and

family fun.


Personal use

Utilise your land to its full potential for leisure activities. Blitzworld Buggies are suitable for children and adults so get the whole family together and rally until your heart’s content.

Safety is paramount at Blitzworld Buggies, so know that your loved ones are looked after. The buggies are fitted with a four-point safety harness and a passenger safety grab handle as standard, plus a quick release buckle option is also available. They can be restricted on the throttle pedal too, to make for safe and controlled driving.


Come and see us

Blitzworld Buggies design and manufacture their own range of high-end buggies and build and modify imported buggies. They also do repairs, alterations and modifications, insurance work, upgrades, servicing and MOTs.

They welcome you to their large showroom and workshop in Stoke where you can see the buggies and put them through their paces on their off-road track. Track days are always a hit too, where you bring your own Blitzworld buggy or hire one for the day.


Come and visit Blitworld Buggies at stand FR100 for the ride of your life!


Find out more at: 


Phone: 01782208050


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