The benefits of ecological risk assessments

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More and more land owning farmers have chosen to diversify their business activities in order to create revenue streams that are not reliant on growing crops or raising livestock. Before doing so however, they are advised to carry out an ecological risk assessment in order to inform decision-making, land valuation, layouts and detailed scheme design at an early stage, before money is potentially wasted on layouts and designs that don’t work with the ecology of your sites.

Whether you are planning to build houses, create a glamping site,  start up a farm shop or convert buildings to let as holiday lodges, it’s highly likely that the change of use will impact the ecology of the site, so our advice is always to carry out a risk assessment before progressing with the details.

The assessment aims to predict environmental impacts at an early stage in project planning and design. Very often, our services will help you to find ways and means to avoid impacts by design, or to identify and reduce adverse impacts and give you the ability to shape your project to suit the local environment.

This enables you to predict and present findings to stakeholders in a way that shows you have been respectful of the environment and willing to find ways to mitigate their impacts.

Crucially this service could make significant savings against the project budget and programme.

RammSanderson provide Ecology, Flood Risk, Arboriculture and Habitat management services to a wide range of public and private sector clients across all scales of project and we’d be delighted to meet with you during or after the Show to discuss your project.