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Exciting New Business Partnership

“New international business partnership following Farm Business Innovation 2015 – Camp Champ has launched into the UK in March 2016"

Camp Champ is a mobile outdoor kitchen for your wilderness adventures. Austria born Franz Moser, engineer, passionate hobby-chef and dedicated adventurer, found himself traveling a great deal for both his work and for pleasure. Long road trips, weekends in the woods...
He needed a way to bring his love of cooking with him, and to be able to enjoy a home cooked meal when he was far from home.

So in 2014, he invented the Camp Champ; a high-end travelling kitchen that he could set up in the middle of the woods, with all the tools and equipment he needed for his culinary dreams. The Camp Champ brought the luxury of a home cooked meal and the togetherness of a kitchen right into the wild.

In 2015, Franz Moser founded Camp Champ e.U, a company standing for high quality, flexible, autonomous and mobile kitchens. The timeless design integrates seamlessly into a variety of sophisticated environments, whether the trendy Glamping site, the safari lodge or the outdoor cooking school; the luxury camping van, tailgaiting party, or lavish picnic; the beautiful candlelit rooftop dinner, weekends at the lake house or the hunting lodge, or even your own backyard.

This young, innovative company based in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut has been able to stir immediate interest in international markets and now already enjoys remarkable success, resonating with consumers and connoisseurs from all over the world.

The Camp Champ company works with passion, engagement, know-how and clear values to ensure that our customers and partners receive a unique, dependable and versatile product featuring a fair weight at a fair price.

From March 2016, Camp Champ became available in the UK. Thanks to Oliver Roberts a fellow connoisseur of the outdoors and foodie. He met Franz at the Farm Innovation Show an event dedicated to Rural Entrepreneurs held at the NEC. Oliver, the Creative Director and Owner of Instinctive Retreats developed an online store, known as The Shack to give people the opportunity to purchase Camp Champ to get a taste of the outdoor high-life.

Alongside the collaboration with Camp Champ. Oliver is working on his childhood dream of building a woodland village with huts and dens to live and play in. He is aiming his retreats at big kids who also used to spend hours playing in the woods, and who reminisce about their adventures in their own back yards.

Instinctive Retreats is set to be an enriching experience inspired by nature, movement, wellness and by a life once lived and enjoyed by our ancestors. Guests will reside on a re-created deluxe Old Stone Age village as they revisit their childhood and enjoy a carefree retreat. Looking to open in Norfolk in 2017.

For more information please visit and click The Shack.

For product demonstrations, further details and images, contact or call 07912 378 725.

Follow our culinary escapades on Twitter @CampChampUK.

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