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Derbyshire farm plans to diversify into new boutique hotel and sheep dairy

Proposals have been put forward to councilors in Derbyshire, for a historic farm to be converted into a new hotel, restaurant and sheep dairy. John Bailey and Heather Benbow have submitted plans to convert Wakebridge farm and its surrounding derelict farm buildings, and former pig sites into a new hotel and eatery, to bring a ‘field to plate’ ethos to Derbyshire. 

If approved, the main Grade-II farmhouse building would be restored as a hotel, while the prefabricated farm buildings would become a sheep dairy and creamery. The former pig sites would be restored and repaved with cobbles to provide an outdoor seating area. To cater for dairy workers, two timber cabins are also included in the plans, to be built on the site. 

The application states that “the farm is extremely well situated in terms of catering for tourism demand in the area”. It adds, “the redevelopment proposals offer the opportunity to restore the buildings, reinstate lost features, better reveal and celebrate their historic significance”. 

They plan to make artisan cheese, including from sheep’s milk, and would offer opportunities to the public, with a focus on people from non-rural backgrounds and children, to gain insight into how products are made and get involved. The business also aims to provide agricultural and veterinary employment and training opportunities. 

Source: Boutique Hotelier 

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