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Gin and Vodka Distillery to open on a Potato Farm

In the middle of his Potato farm in Cornwall, Steve Dustow is going to open the county’s first gin and vodka distilling operation, complete with high-tech equipment and a visitor centre. He will be opening the doors to the new distilling project this month, after his Cornish Aval Dor Vodka (made from his potatoes), has earned great success. 

Steve told Cornwall Live “In 2010 my brother and I dreamed up the idea of having a distillery on the farm, but then realised it was going to be pretty difficult. After that I was taking our potatoes, our water, our bottles up to an expert company – and ultimately they would do the distilling all the way up in Cambridgeshire”.

He adds, “It allowed us to test the market, give us more confidence and build relationships in the business, while we evolved this project in the background. It took a bit longer than anticipated – eight years, in fact – but we got a grant to do the project from the Cornwall Development Company South Eastern Local Action group which is all about farm diversification and job creation, and that really helped”. 

Steve believes in fully distilling the alcohol internally. “We will be making both our vodka and gin here. I call it from plough to bottle. In the wine industry they call it single estate. To do everything on one site – like grow the crops, which my brother and father do, cook them in a mash tub to make your own ‘wine’, distil that into pure alcohol, secondary distil it into gin, age it, bottle it, source our own water from your own ground… 

“That is 100% authenticity and that is what we are really proud of doing”. 

Source: Cornwall Live

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