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Recent changes to the UK’s planning law will allow farmers to convert agricultural buildings into residential housing without needing planning permission.

From the 6th of April Class Q permitted development rights will include turning agricultural buildings into dwellings in the hopes of helping to reduce the rural housing shortage.

The government’s planning law change will encourage farmers to engage in diversification, generating an additional income stream that will increase the sustainability their farm.

Countryside Alliance’s Head of Policy, Sarah Lee, said it is imperative for the UK’s planning law to encourage diversification and sustainable development as long as it protects our iconic countryside.

“Conversions under permitted development rights have a role to play in this,” she said.

“Class Q developments promote small scale housing developments that are in-keeping with the surrounding environment and reflective of local needs which is why we welcome these new opportunities for conversions.”

She added: “It is clear that barn conversions alone will not solve the housing crisis in rural areas. There is a growing trend of young people having to move out of the communities in which they were born and brought up because they cannot find affordable local housing, and this problem must be addressed in our housing policy.”

Source: Farming UK