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10 English cedar clad pods will be set up across the North Walsham and Dilham Canal in the hopes of mitigating the impact caused by their loss of CAP funding post-Brexit.

The glamping diversification project consists of 10 hobbit-like log cabins which will be located at a stretch of Luke Paterson’s farm on the banks of Norfolk’s historic canal.

Mr Paterson hopes that the income generated through this alternative farm enterprise will replace the funds lost by the impending Brexit CAP subsidy changes.

The proposed pods will have access to electricity and running water, and will be open to guests all year long. 

Regardless of receiving six objections, The Boards Authority approved the development, claiming: “Whilst there are landscape impacts these are not considered to be of such a magnitude as to justify a refusal of planning permission, and there are also benefits to the rural economy.”

Source: EDP 24