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Meet diversification experts Emma and James, who turned their dairy farm into a multi-diversification success. 

Former dairy farming family the Strachans have engaged in countless diversification projects, including turning to ice cream production, adding wind turbines to their land, running a successful bed and breakfast and their newest venture, setting up an eco-camping site.

“We have several different lines of diversification related to the farming practices, Birds & Bees is the latest,” said James.

This new diversification project will be located in the middle of Suffolk’s Alde Valley, spanning 3.2ha of the Strachan’s family farm.

“We were granted planning permission in January 2017 and it was important to the project that we opened the gates in time for the summer holidays on July 21. We stayed open for eight weeks until September 17,” said James. Now the site has opened for its first full season, starting from the Easter holidays."

“Preparation has been the key for us, we researched ideas for around 18 months, visiting different sites, speaking to campsite owners and their customers to find out what points of difference are the most appealing."

“Although not everything was finished for opening, the bookings came in overwhelmingly fast and by our second weekend we were fully booked for every weekend. Weekdays filled up pretty quickly too. So perhaps the hardest thing for us was being full from the start, a steep learning curve, but one we thoroughly enjoyed and adjusted to after a couple of weeks.”

The complete Strachan family is involved in the farm’s numerous diversification projects, leaving the traditional dairy farm behind.

Source: EADT