Xerogrid supplies off-grid electricity generation systems using renewable energy.

Established by Ian Emberton in 2009, Xerogrid is a world-class provider of renewable energy solutions.

Working with a range of reputable manufacturers, the firm distributes and installs Outback Power Products , Leading Edge Wind Turbines, Solar panels and related accessories to customers worldwide.

They are recently appointed distributors for Triac Containerised and portable complete solar, battery and generator power solutions.

Having recognized a global demand for off grid power using renewable energy solutions, former motorcycle racer, Ian Emberton, began providing clients with a much more affordable and reliable source of energy than traditional power suppliers connection fees or generator use.

Using solar, wind and hydro to store electricity in batteries, which is inverted to AC power and backed-up by auto start generators, Xerogrid allows their customers to take an `off-grid` approach to energy consumption, becoming more independent, eco-friendly and reducing their carbon footprint.

For more information, please visit: www.xerogrid.com



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