Skylight Cinema

With over five years` experience, Skylight Cinema, who hire out the equipment you need to put on outdoor cinema screenings, have built up a reputation for value, reliability and helpfulness.

Open air and pop-up cinema has seen a massive growth in recent years and as demand and awareness amongst the public has grown, so has the number of screenings being put on across the UK.

Skylight Cinema have a wide range of clients that hire their equipment and services. These range from festivals, event organisers and businesses to charities, community groups and schools.

Skylight Cinema provide a turnkey solution for anyone that wants to put on an outdoor screening. This includes our massive inflatable 8m x 4m screen which is suitable for an audience of up to 500. Plus a 6 kilowatt PA system, powerful 6,000 lumens projection and back up projector, event support equipment including flood lights, usher torches, jackets and radios and spare chairs.

We also offer a free advice service to those that book with us. With five years` experience we can help you organise your event and make sure it is a success. This includes helping choose the right film, arranging the film licence, managing the event, marketing and health and safety. We even provide a free event organiser checklist and management guide which includes risk assessment templates.

Skylight Cinema have full public liability insurance and have a 100% safety record that they have built up over the last 5 years. They also have a glowing list of testimonials and an impressive client list that you can see on this website.

There has never been a better time to organise an outdoor cinema screening in your area. With increasing awareness and demand on the up, events can be very profitable, whether it is a commercial event or raising money for charity, a community group or school PTA.
The best events match the film to the venue to make it a unique cinematic experience. Examples in recent years include Jaws, Titanic and The Poseidon Adventure screened on a ferry. Blair Witch screened in the woods. Monty Python shown at a castle. Big Wednesday shown on a cliff top. Top Gun in a hanger.

So why not put on an outdoor screening in your area? Call Skylight Cinema today and see how they can help you make a success of your event.

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