Orenda Energy Solutions Ltd

Orenda Energy Solutions generates income and delivers sustainability for its customers, by providing best in class, fully-managed and supported, risk-free, wind energy solutions for farmers, large acreage landowners, wind farm developers and investors.

At Orenda, we can offer farming communities a solution to the issues facing them today. Issues such poor harvests, unusually harsh weather conditions and dramatically rising energy costs, all of which can take their toll on a cash-strapped farming and
rural economy. Small scale wind installations provide farmers and landowners with an opportunity to secure a fairly significant income, just by leasing a relatively small part of a field for a small turbine installation - with no loss of land use. With a `per-turbine` income, per annum, index linked for 20 years and a reduction in overall energy costs, it makes good
economic sense for farmers and landowners to lease their land. Farming communities across the country are bringing in extra income from this enterprising initiative, by looking beyond their traditional arable, livestock and dairy revenue streams.


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