Greenans Products Ltd

The Smart Bunker a Multi purpose storage solution solving the problem in 4 markets, Animal Feed, Coal, Salt & Grit, Wood Pellets.

SmartBunkerTM, an innovative storage bunker with a spring-loaded side lever which releases stacked product at the bottom of the container, where, for example, a bucket can be placed instead of having to use a shovel or scoop.

There is a range of benefits which make the product attractive to a range of markets. These benefits include:
Easily assembled (approx. 5 minutes)
Can be used indoors or outdoors as is fully waterproof
Vermin proof
No waste
Easily stored
Easier for older people or disabled to use
Can be locked to avoid theft and feed contamination
Takes up small area (important for distribution and resellers) Stackable
Easy access for dispensing
Stable and can be secured to ground (wind resistant and anti-theft. or used as a mobile unit
Fully test by CAFRE college on Animal Feed.
Easy washable before refilling.

The Smart Bunker is a simple solution to an age-old problem.

Stand Number: 764