UK Drones Ltd

UK Drones offer UAV solutions ranging from Mapping, Inspections, Planning, Engineering, Emergency services, Utilities and Environmental, to name a few.

Our commercial UAV`s feature modular payload systems that are designed to carry multiple sensors in an array of project configurations.

The aircraft we use are built for tough work, with the added benefit of being able to use inter-changeable cameras, this makes it easy on-site to adapt at a moments notice to any requirement changes that our clients may call upon.

UK Drones offers payload packages with capabilities including, waypoint tracking, communications, IR inspection, 3D mapping, fatigue inspection,
and of course can fly a precise pattern over an agricultural field and return a clear, detailed report.

Our payload systems feature video resolutions up to 4K and photo resolutions up to 100mp, CMOS sensors, CGOET thermal imaging with preset
temperature ranges for heat dissipation and also can operate in complete darkness to locate hot spots.

All of our UAV`s are Hexacopter`s, with 6 rotors, adding for safety and stability.
They also have further extended ranges and airborne times than standard UAV`s, with an array of built in safety features, i.e. sonar and radar.

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