Circuitree offers farmers and rural businesses attractive, secure revenue streams through battery storage and renewable energy technologies. Our innovative energy solutions require minimal space, have no upfront costs and bring multiple benefits to your estate.


Earn up to £50k an acre, per year, index linked for 30 years, with zero upfront costs!

As more renewables connect to the grid, the need to balance supply and demand presents a challenge for network operators and in turn an opportunity for landowners.

Circuitree are currently seeking landowners with 0.5 - 2 acres of land for the development of utility-scale battery storage projects. These battery sites are contracted to provide power on demand for the national grid. Unlike solar farms, battery storage plants require minimal space and can be developed more quickly and easily due to being housed in removable shipping container building blocks.

Should your site prove suitable, Circuitree will support the project from inception to operation, ensuring successful project execution and maximum revenue for landowners.

Circuitree do not charge for these services and will cover reasonable legal expenses as required, therefore you have nothing to lose and could well be sat on a source of untapped income.


Achieve energy independence - With zero upfront cost!

Whilst subsidies for solar have declined, so has the cost of technology, meanwhile, energy prices continue to rise. Circuitree offer innovative solar and battery storage systems that deliver self-sufficiency gains alongside attractive financial returns. By storing solar power for use on demand, you reduce your sites imported electricity costs, future-proof your business and enhance your green credentials.

In addition, with our Cirrus market interface, a Circuitree battery system can access the same opportunities as larger power stations, generating significant returns through national grid balancing contracts.

For sites with large energy requirements, a battery only solution could save 20-30% of your annual electricity costs with additional income from balancing revenues.

Alongside asset purchase options, we offer a range of financing and power purchase agreement solutions, meaning you can secure long-term energy savings, tangible revenues and enhanced self-sufficiency with no upfront cost.


Fossil fuels are extinct - Energy Anywhere 24/7!

At remote locations beyond the reach of utilities, electricity is either unavailable or sourced via expensive, noisy and polluting diesel generators. In many cases the cost of a new grid connection runs into ten`s or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. Circuitree offers a clean, reliable cost-effective alternative.

Our off grid solutions provide electricity 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of diesel generators, have minimal moving parts and come with a 10 year warranty as standard.

Whether you have a glamping site, barn conversion or isolated industrial process, Circuitree can provide grid quality power with no fumes, no noise, and no fuss.

Our approach is transparent and to the point, see for yourself when you visit us on stand 1045.

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