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The UK boasts some of the world’s most exciting e-commerce businesses, and tens of thousands of these choose to sell on Amazon Marketplace. British businesses ranging from entrepreneurs working from their homes, to thousands of SMEs and larger businesses, are able to sell to Amazon’s hundreds of millions of global customers through Amazon Marketplace.

Half of purchases on Amazon’s global sites come from Marketplace Sellers, and increasingly Amazon is helping these sellers reach customers across Europe and around the world. By offering a suite of tools that makes it easier for companies to sell their products abroad, including managing currency exchange, translation, marketing, and global delivery and distribution, Amazon Marketplace enables sellers to grow their business online.

Sellers on Amazon can list their products with no listing fee and have their products featured alongside items carried by Amazon. Half of units sold through Amazon globally come from third-party sellers selling on Amazon Marketplace. Sellers can also choose to use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), a service which helps businesses grow their sales in the UK and internationally. FBA gives businesses selling on Amazon access to the company’s world-class logistics network, allowing them to be Prime eligible and offer fast, free delivery to customers. Amazon also provides customer service on behalf of the seller in the local language.

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Commenting on their experience of selling on Amazon Marketplace, business owners say:

Ian Barnet, Managing Director of Shearer Candles, a 120 year old candle making family business based on Scotland, said:

“I was always interested in introducing electronics and information technology into the workplace, so as the internet rapidly grew it was natural for us to move towards it. Like many businesses, the process started with building our own website. Now we use quite a few of Amazon’s services like Marketplace and it’s contributing a big part to a year on year online sales growth of between 30 and 40 per cent.”

“It’s a really exciting time for us and you can never entirely know where sales come from. Someone might see our shop in the street and look us up online, or see us online and realise we have a store near them and come in to see in person what we can offer.”

“Trading online is a completely different animal to selling from a physical location. It’s similar in that you’re still selling products, but how you do it is so different and there’s a lot to learn. Our biggest challenge was getting everything up to the standard it needed to be. Bigger companies can throw money at it and have an amazing website, but we didn’t have that sort of budget, so it was a learning process. Amazon helped hugely with that and now we’re taking real steps forward.”

Helen Rolfe, Founder, Lente Designs (Based in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire) added:

“After finishing my degree I spent 7 years at a PC manufacturer called Viglen in London, responsible for after sales and service care. I then spent 10 years as a manager of a business centre in Chiswick, looking after small businesses.”

“After having our son we moved out of London and I had a rethink about what I wanted to do, that would fit around my son. I wanted to build a new career that would allow me to do what I loved most: working with colours and fabrics.”

“Selling on Amazon seemed like a gentle introduction to running our own business. From the start it felt like a safer way of expanding, and it helped us check that we had a solid product that customers liked.”

“It has a massive online presence, loyal customers and the fulfilment centre means we can ship products to a wider audience quickly.”

“Thanks to the success in the UK, we are now also employers. Having that additional support for a few days each week has meant that we’ve been able to enjoy family life a little more and even go on holiday for the first time in years – and a special one at that, taking our little boy to Disney World in Florida before he started school!”

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