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  • Harry Legge-Bourke

    Glanusk Estate

    Country Estates & Large Farms, Mill Stones or Cash Cows in the 21st Century?

  • Keith Wellings

    Rural Payments Agency

    Basic Payment Scheme - The past, present & future

  • Michael Mack


    Start Up A Farm Retail Business

  • Andy Jeffery

    Farrington’s Farm Shop

    Careful Costings – a salutary lesson!

  • John and Felicity Richards

    The Green Waste Company

    Diversification: open mind to new avenues of business.

  • Ben Leeke

    Capability Events Ltd

    Is a Festival a good idea on your farm?

  • Ian Phillips

    Vineyard Solutions -VSL (Viticulture) Ltd

    Planning a new vineyard establishment

  • Tim Field


    The Agricology project: Practical Sustainable Farming, regardless of labels

  • Antonio Paladino

    Bio Aqua Farm

    Aquaponics: The future of farming

  • Charlotte Johnston

    Red Tractor

    Making Farm Assurance Work For You

  • Abbey Oladapo

    Google Digital Garage

    UpSkill Digital - Reach New Customers Online

  • Jonathon Jones


    Selling tea to China and other British Country House Innovations

Farm Business Innovation runs alongside the below shows, all under the Rural Entrepreneur banner
9th & 10th November, NEC Birmingham

press release

Making a success of your wedding or hospitality business

Successful rural wedding and private/corporate hospitality venues can be extremely lucrative if set up and run well.


Aquaponics systems are changing the landscape of urban agriculture

One night, an aviation design engineer named Jason Hawkins-Row came home to find his allotment had been burgled. In a quest for greater food...


The importance of farm assurance

Farm assurance provides shoppers with a guarantee that the products they are purchasing and eating have been produced to high standards, protecting...


Is your farm sustainable?

Sustainability is a quality that all agricultural businesses must possess to stay afloat in the modern market place. Retaining customers, staying competitive...


Establishing your equestrian business

Integrating an equestrian business into your existing business model can be a very lucrative venture. Often if you have experience working with other animals...


blog post

The difficulties of diversifying into other markets

It’s difficult to realise your business’s full potential, especially when your efforts to diversify your offerings lead you to fields and industries you have no experience in.


Truffles: a very British delicacy, a booming British market

Truffles are commonly thought of as a foreign delicacy that are imported from countries like Italy before they arrive at the fingertips of Michelin Star chefs...


New Lodge Park at Croft Farm Waterpark

Croft Farm lakeside caravan park caters for windsurfing, kayaking and sailing on the outskirts of Tewkesbury in the Cotswolds. Walkers can...